Configuring a Service Integration Bus in WebSphere 6.1

This Service Integration bus is needed to be able to define Destinations in WebSphere. These are in their turn bound to a QCF.

  • In the left-hand pane, expand Service Integration > Buses > New.
  • Enter a unique name in the Name field (for example server1_bus)
  • Next > Finished
  • Save the configuration.
  • To associate the current server with the newly created integration bus Select the just created bus
  • click Bus members under Topology.
  • Click Add and select the server you want to associate the integration bus.
  • Click Next (3x) > Finish

Create a physical queue for the request message

  • In the left-hand pane, expand Service Integration > Buses. Select the bus created earlier.
  • Under Destination resources click Destinations.
  • Click on New and choose Queue as the destination type. Enter an identifier such as inQueue. Accept the default Bus member.
  • Click Next (2x) > Finish > Save your changes.

Create a physical queue for the reply message

  • Repeat the steps taken in the Create a physical queue for the request message part but enter another identifier (e.g. outQueue)

Assign JMS settings against the newly created queues

  • Resources > JMS > JMS providers
  • pull-down menu > node…, server…
  • then Default messaging provider > Queues > New
  • Enter a name (for example inQueue) and JNDI name (for example jms/inQueue).
  • In the connection pane, select the Bus (server1_bus) and Queue (inQueue) you created earlier.
  • Click OK and Save the changes.
  • repeat this process but now for: name = outQueue JNDI-name = jms/outQueue

Create a queue connection factory for the queues

  • Resources > JMS > JMS providers > Default messaging provider > Queue connection factories > New
  • enter a name (for example queueConnectionFactory) and a JNDI name (for example jms/queueConnectionFactory).
  • Select the bus created earlier (server1_bus) as the bus name.
  • Click OK and Save the changes.

And finally

Once you have added the required connection factories and queues, you must stop and restart WebSphere Application Server v6.1 to activate the stuff.

Testing your Queues

The websphere distribution comming with RSA has a Universal Test Client. If WebSphere is started you can open this one by right-clicking on the server and choosing run universal testclient

  • in the UTC you do: Utilities > Send JMS message
    Send JMS Message

Queue JNDI Name: jms/inQueue
Queue CF JNDI Name: jms/queueConnectionFactory
Message: Hello World!

  • Send Message

This should work without errors

Check data on the queue

Within the Admin console it is possible to see the data that is placed on a queue.

  • In the Admin consolse you do:
  • Buses > YourBus > Destinations > Queue name > Queue points > QName@Server.YourBus > Messages > …

This shows a list of the messages that are available on the queue. You can either view the JMS details of the message but most important the the data send